Sunday, October 16, 2016

Assignment #2

The word i dont know the meaning in the article of “just a hair cut, please! ”.

1)trimmed: to make something neater, smaller, better example: to trim your hair
2)adjustments:a small change made to something in order to correct or improve it example: I've made a few adjustments to the design.
3)prank:a trick that is played on somebody as a joke example: The incident was a prank that went wrong.
4)beautician: a person, usually a woman, whose job is to give beauty treatments to the face and body example: Don ' t worry , sir . the beautician will be free in a few minutes
5)voila:used to saythere it is!when you show something to someone, or something appears suddenly example: Mm - hmm , did you get the present ? - yeah , yeah , voila

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  1. When giving a new sentence, begin with a new line. It'll be easier to read.