Saturday, December 17, 2016

Assignment #9 TED talk

This week i choose "photo from a storm chaser" from TED talk for my assignment. The words i learned form this speech is:

1)   Privilege: an advantage that only one person or group of people has, usually because of their position or because they are rich.
Exp: Healthcare should be a right, not a privilege.
2)   Undulate: to have a continuous up and down shape or movement, like waves on the sea.
Exp: The road undulates for five miles before a steep climb.
the undulating countryside
3)   Tactile: If something is tactile, it has a surface that is pleasant or attractive to touch.
ExpHer paintings have a very tactile quality.
4)   Hail: small, hard balls of ice that fall from the sky like rain.
Exp: there will be widespread showers of rain, hail and sleet.
5)   Ominous: suggesting that something unpleasant is likely to happen.
Exp: There was an ominous silence when I asked whether my contract was going to be renewed.

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